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Black July is an unforgettable part of Canadian Tamil history.

At a time when Sri Lankan Tamils were seeking refuge from the violence and political persecution of Sri Lanka’s Anti-Tamil Pogrom of July 1983, Canada opened its doors to provide a safe haven.

This forum aims to present an archive of news reports, statements, pictures and testimonials while providing survivors, families of victims and expatriates from the 1980's exodus an opportunity to record their story. The collective effort of Canadians and Tamils around the world will help to sustain the memories of the victims and the truths of the genocide so that Black July will never be forgotten.

In commemoration of the 36th year of Black July '83, the Canadian Tamil Congress is hosting a workshop for youth on this poignant event in Tamil history. The workshop will include an overview of the events that unfolded during Black July, and conversations with survivors.  In addition, the Canadian Tamil Congress in partnership with CJPME Foundation will be hosting an interpretational photo exhibit titled Dispossessed, but Defiant.  
Dispossessed, but Defiant, an international photo exhibition is made up of 160 photos depicting Indigenous struggles of dispossession. There are three Indigenous groups depicted in this exhibit: Indigenous peoples in Canada, Black South Africans, and Tamils in Sri Lanka.  The photo exhibit will then run from July 21st - July 27th at the Civic Centre.
In Search of our Roots – Youth Workshop will be hosted at Scarborough Civic Centre on July 21st from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. This free workshop is open to youth between the ages of 14 – 25. Due to limited space, we encourage youth to register in advance by email: info@canadiantamilcongress.ca.

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